RTO/ERO Publications

RTOERO Communications

Connecting and communicating with members is a key role for RTOERO Toronto District 16. We offer a Newsletter mailed to members and subscribers at the end of September, November, January, March and May. Some members have asked that they obtain this Newsletter as a downloadable PDF.

Access our latest Newsletter via the Link to your left.

We also send eBlasts emailed to subscribers whose email addresses have been registered with RTOERO Member Services.

Goodwill: Our Goodwill Chair, Marjorie Blake, keeps RTOERO in touch with those members having reached special milestones in their lives; are ill, hospitalized or bereaved. Please let let Marjorie know of members about whom we should be aware. Contact her via the Contact Us link.

Social Media:
RTOERO, nationally, has links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr where members can meet fellow educational retirees.

RTOERO Toronto District 16's Facebook site may be accessed here.

Toronto District 16 does have its own Flickr account ~ go to our Pictures Tab above.

Our provincial organization's publications: Renaissance, a quarterly magazine for all members and Liaison, a newsletter for district leaders and interested members. All are professionally designed and created with our members varied interests in mind.