No-Bell Luncheon

Wheelchair Access:

  1. At 2200 Yonge Street: access street-level elevator to enter rear Door.
  2. From Roof Parking (3rd floor, south tower): enter by doorway to theatres; stay to the Right (do not take elevators seen in this area); follow long hallway to indoor elevators (you will be on the 2nd floor, north tower); take elevator to 1st floor; exit building to rear door of Mandarin.
  3. When at the Rear Door, call 416.486.2222 for entry.
  4. When leaving for Roof Parking: take elevator to 2nd floor; follow long hallway to exit the way you came in.

NOTE: Wheelchair access at 2200 Yonge may not be available because of the wheelchair lift being renovated.
Stop at 2190 Yonge and follow. Details on below.


Wheeltrans/wheelchair access to the Mandarin at 2190 Yonge

  1. Stop at 2190 YONGE STREET (to the right of the TTC Entrance)
  2. Proceed under the stairs to enter the building.
  3. Use Single Elevator immediately inside on the left (press Shopping/Dining/Parking button)
  4. Proceed right, down the hallway to the Elevators for 2200 Yonge Street
  5. Take Elevator to Main Floor, exit the building to the Mandarin Back Door
  6. Call the Mandarin at 416.486.2222 for someone to open the door


On Leaving:

  1. Exit the Mandarin and enter 2200 Yonge Street
  2. Take Elevator to 2nd Floor and retrace your entry route.

If one drives, or is driven, and cannot use Stairs, proceed to the Car Park off Berwick, use the Theatre Entrance, stay to the right and follow items 4, 5, 6 above.


Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 12:00 to 15:00