Local and Provincial Publications

RTO Toronto District 16 produces two documents available to all members:


  • E-zine: an electronic information page distributed monthly by email to members and non-members who subscribe or unsubscribe as seen fit. New members receive their emailed copy automatically but may unsubscribe via the appropriate link at the bottom of each edition.


RTO/ERO, provincially, produces a wide range of exclusive publications packed with beneficial news and information including:

  • Brochures ~ RTO/ERO promotional materials
  • Health Benefit Plans ~ tri-annual full-description booklet, annual updates, supplementary travel
  • Individual Insurance Plans ~ Accidental Death And Dismemberment, Preferred Service Home/Auto Plan (Air Miles® available), Hospital Money Plan, Long-Term Care, Guaranteed Life, Term Life
  • Liaison, a bimonthly newsletter emailed to subscribers
  • Renaissance ~ our award-winning quarterly magazine
  • Tax Tips ~ an annual publication

We welcome you to view a sample of our members’ magazine.  Joining RTO will allow you to read the entire magazine.