RTO/ERO Awards

RTOERO Service-To-Others (STO) Awards

As teachers we spent much of our lives serving others – our students. It is not surprising that, in retirement, our organization devotes a portion of its resources in assisting members to continue serving their community. To this end, the provincial organization each district has an opportunity to support the application of a member’s favourite organization in the amount of up to $4,000. (The total available funds is established annually by Senate.)

Submission details for Toronto are printed in our Newsletter and E-zine when published by the province.

A member may also check the RTOERO website. Here, one may download a sample application, view lists of provincial recipients, and download the official application when posted.

Recent Toronto STO Grant recipients:

2016 ~ Art City - St. James Town, $2,000

2015 ~ Children of Hope Uganda, $3,000

Previous Toronto recipients:

  • 2016 ~ Art City, St. James Town, $2,000
  • 2015 ~ Children of Hope Uganda, $3,000
  • 2014 ~ Black Creek Community Farm, $3,100
  • 2012 ~ Building Blocks, Burkina, $2,250
  • 2010 ~ Sing & Learn, $2,180
  • 2008 ~ Sister Rosemary Friy's Children's Nutrition Program, Haiti, $4,000
  • 2006 ~ Third World Awareness, Cité de Soleil Haiti School Kitchen, $4,000